International Seminar on Innovation and Creative of Art
Arts in History, Culture, Philosophy, Education, and Heritage

Pascasarjana Institut Seni Indonesia (ISI) Surakarta is delighted to announce a forthcoming International Seminar on Innovation and Creativity of Arts (ISICA#2), and give notice of a forthcoming call for conference papers. The conference will be hosted on The Campus of Institut Seni Indonesia (ISI) Surakarta, with its international leading performing arts venues. After the conference will allow participant entry to a number of planned performance art events in the frame of three days world wayang show and oration of wayang culture by a famous pedalangan figure at the same venue. The conference will engage academic and artistic with the wider innovation and creativity of arts. With great pride, this conference promises to be a landmark event in innovation and creativity of arts on research and creation, highlighting the art subgenres, crossovers, mashups, intersections and innovations on music, dance, theatre, puppets, films, craft, design and all kind of art, featuring international academic guests and artists. The conference will discuss and engage with innovation and creativity of arts particularly the theoretical and practical expressions of how innovation plays out through arts and culture in the broadest sense, including popular culture.

Editorial Board

Prof. Dr. Gede Arya Sugiharto

Rektor ISI Denpasar, Indonesia

Dr. Eszter Tari, DLA


Prof. Antonius Oktavianus

New York University, USA

Jessica Greenberg

Weber State University, USA